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Legal Terms and Conditions

Legal Terms and Conditions

Access to Schön Elevator Company's (Schön Aufzug) websites are subject to the legal terms and conditions stated below.

1. Access and Acceptance
By accessing our websites, these terms and conditions are accepted without any limitation and qualification. Websites and services offered on the websites can only be used if the current laws, terms and conditions are fully abided by. Unless you consent to abide by these terms and conditions, please do not proceed visiting Schön Aufzug websites.

2.Purpose and Usage
The content and information on the websites are provided for the people who are interested and can only be used for informative purposes. The information about the products and services can be confined to a limited geographical area and market. A post to a product or service on the website does not mean that the product or service is available at your location, will be available in the future or ready to use.

3. Putting Forward a Proposal
The content or information on the websites does not mean as an offer made by Schön Aufzug. Schön Aufzug has the right and keeps the right to decline any price proposal based on the content of the websites.
The orders on Schön Aufzug products will not and can not be placed on the websites.

4. Liabilities
The liabilities due to the damage caused directly or indirectly by accessing and/or using websites are excluded by the most general coverage allowed by the law. Schön Aufzug will not be liable under any circumstances such as incidental or consequential losses, profit loss, expected savings loss, data loss, work stoppage loss, reputation loss, third-party claims of right, delay loss or penal loss etc.

Schön Aufzug will not be liable or responsible for any harm or loss that may be sustained or ex-posted especially for using or accessing websites or downloading any material to your computer or property with possible viruses. Should you decide to download material from the website, you do it at your own risk.

5. Issuing Guarantee
The content and information on websites are presented to you "as it is" and "as it is used" without any guarantee or declaration. Under the most general coverage permitted by the law, Schön Aufzug declines or excludes any express or implied guarantee; particularly guarantees such as the commercial convenience of the websites or suitability for serving a certain goal. Schön Aufzug does not issue any express or implied guarantee or declaration particularly for the content or the up-to- dateness, accuracy, quality, completeness or presence of the information published on the websites.

Schön Aufzug does not issue any express or implied guarantee or declaration particularly on technical accessibility, appropriateness or perfection of the websites. Schön Aufzug does not issue any guarantee or declaration about using the content or information on the website violating third-party rights.

6. Reserving the Intellectual Property Rights
The protection of websites and their contents are preserved by the copyrights and other laws. The trade marks, logos, service signals and business names shown on the websites are protected and registered.The unauthorized use of the content or information published on the website or unauthorized replication, forwarding or other ways of use of any part of the website may violate Schön Aufzug's or third-parties' copyrights, trade marks, privacy, publicity or other rights and these are not permitted. Requests for replication and forwarding permissions may be sent to "info@schonaufzug.de" e-mail address.

7. Links
Websites may contain third-party content or may give links to other websites. Schön Aufzug has no control on these other websites. You enter these third-party websites knowing that the risk is on your responsibility.
The links from Schön Aufzug website to other websites are only for providing you information and making things easy for you. The third-party websites and link-providing websites have not been examined by Schön Aufzug. Schön Aufzug takes no responsibility over the content of third-party websites or related websites to its own website.
Schön Aufzug is not responsible for these other websites or the usefulness of their sources and Schön Aufzug does not approve or can not be accounted for the content, products or any other material. Any of the websites being framed, deep-linking, scraping etc. are not allowed and Schön Aufzug can not be liable for these kind of actions. For more information, please check our Privacy Policy.

8. Privacy Policy
Internet is not always a safe platform. You admit that the internet is an open netıwork environment and accessible by everyone. Schön Aufzug treats personal information by the data protection law in force. For more information, please look into our Privacy Policy.

9.Specific Terms of Use
Accessing and using some pages or sections of the websites may be regulated by specific terms of use. Different terms will complement each other. In case of a controversy, specific terms will prevail these terms and conditions. 10. Revision of Terms and Conditions Schön Aufzug, without any prior notice and at its own discretion may change, append, remove or update in other ways the terms and conditions. Using the websites, you admit these changes and you will be bound by the revised Terms and Conditions.

11. Consequences
If your violation of these Terms and Conditions is detected, corrective precautions, such as prevention of use of service provided by Schön Aufzug and the removal of the information,data and content you put in on the website, may be taken immediately with no prior notice. Should there be a loss on Schön Aufzug by your violations, at our discretion we may demand compensation.

12. Governing Law and Authorized Court
Subject to imperative dispositions, the use of websites and all legal conflicts directly or indirectly resulting from this exclusively will be ruled by Turkish law and will be presented exclusively to the judicial authority of legal courts in İstanbul.


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