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Our HR Policy

Our HR Policy

1.To recruit according to the strategic plans and targets
2.To create an environment for employees' constant improvement and fulfilling their potentials
3.To provide ways to allocate human resources in the most efficient ways and sustainability
4.To take employees' suggestions and expectations into consideration
5.To create a suitable work environment to harness safe, healthy and ethical values
6. To ensure that our corporate culture and ground rules are fully acknowledged by all our employees
7. To have equal opportunity principle in personnel evaluation processes, training and management
8. To improve approaches to strenghten loyalty
9. To improve employees in order to create a pool of qualified, successful, global and leading work force
10. Employee Profile;
a. A person who can work in teams and in collaboration with others
b. A person who is open to change and improvement, highly success oriented
c. A person who can use time and resources effectively


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