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Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

Thanks for visiting Schön Elevator Company (Schön Aufzug) webites and your interest in our company’s products and services. Your privacy is very important for us and we would like you to feel comfortable visiting our websites. Fort his reason, we have created our privacy policy. Internet is not always a safe platform. You admit that the Internet is an open network environment and accessible by everyone. Schön Aufzug treats personal information by the data protection law in force.

1. What is the purpose and extent of this privacy policy?
This privacy policy explains which personal information Schön Aufzug websites collect from the users, how they are collected, the company’s right to use this information and the purpose of sharing and disclosing them. The term “personal information” used in this privacy policy means information that can be used to identify who you are, such as your full name, e-mail address, postal address or telephone number etc. By using Schön Aufzug websites, you consent to the collection, use and disclosure of your personal information as stated in the privacy policy. Please do not continue to visit Schön Aufzug websites if you do not accept these terms in the privacy policy.

2. Which information do we collect about you?
We collect the personal information that you have given or forwarded to us (via e-mail or subscription form) or the information needed to provide or improve the services offered to you, to contact you, to make research or use in corporate reports. We collect personal information about you when you register an account (e.g. subscription form, subscribing for a newsletter) or filling out information voluntarily when you take a customer survey, give feedback, join contests or send your CV over our online HR websites to apply for vacant positions.

If you decide not to share any personal information we demand, you may not be able to reach or use some parts, services or functions of the website and we will not be able to answer to your requests.

Moreover, we collect information on your usage of the website by the help of cookies. For details, please g oto the Cookies and Web Analytics / Cancellation section of this privacy policy.

Finally, some technical and other information is automatically disclosed by your computer if you use our website and saved by us according to safety procedures and to understand your usage of our websites. (Your web address, browser type, the website linked you to our website etc.)

3. How do we use your information?
Your personal information will be used according to the privacy policy purposes on the collection time as terms ocur or as the law stipulates. Your information will be used to manage the service level, to support our services and get feedback about them, and to prevent safety or legal terms violations.

We can also use your personal information to inform you about the products or services you demand. It can also be used for marketing products or services that may be of your interest (including marketing by e-mail) or to contact you. Please contact us on our e-mail info@schonaufzug.de if you do not want any communication.

The data, questions, comments, similar texts or material that you deliver to Schön Aufzug by e-mail or by any other electronic device will bbe transacted as confidential and uncertified information. Hereby you admit that Schön Aufzug may use these texts or material fort he purposes stated above

4. Information Sharing with abroad / Data Transmission
Schön Aufzug is a globally operating company and for that reason we may disclose your information to Schön Aufzug associated companies around the World that can use this information regarding the purposes stated in the privacy policy and transact according to the policy. For this reason, your personal information may be transferred to other countries with different data protection levels than the country you presented the information at.
Abiding to the laws in force, your personal information may be disclosed to third parties in case of a legal prosecution or in cases when we need to respond to legal courts, legislators, governments or other legal requests when this disclosure is necessary to support a criminal investigation, other legal investigation or prosecution at home or abroad due to Schön Aufzug’s overriding interests. Your personal information will not be rented or sold to third parties.

Your personal information will also be disclosed to third parties at home or abroad who work on our behalf when data should be collected originally to be rendered in other processes. Your personal information may be processed legally by third parties to provide services. (e.g. the evaluation of websites’ usage, marketing, data management and tech support) These third parties can only process your personal information in the way Schön Aufzug permits.

5. Links to the other Websites
The privacy policy is only applied to Schön Aufzug websites and is not applied to third party websites. We may provide you with links that we believe you may be interested. However, we can not guarantee the privacy standards of these websites due to the nature of the Internet and hence we do not take any responsibilities for the content of websites except Schön Aufzug’s own website. This privacy policy is not intended for the websites that do not belong to Schön Aufzug and website links given by us. When you click on the links of other websites, you must be careful and read the privacy policy of that website.

6. Cookies
When you visit one of our websites, we may keep some of the data on your computer as cookies. A "cookie" is a small text which is placed to your browser's cookie file by the website you are visiting and it helps the website to recognize your computer the next time you visit again. This means that information such as your browser's IP address, from which website you are forwarded to our website and the type of your browser is automatically logged. Moreover, it also logs information like the date you visited the website and how long your visit was. This information is used to help us improve our websites' contents and to collect anonymous statistics on our websites usage aiming market research domestically.
Cookies will not tell us your e-mail or determine your identity in any way. They can not be used for starting otheer programs on your computer or for sending viruses to your computer. Schön Aufzug uses cookies according to the law in force.
Please be sure that you set your computer's cookie settings to disabled mode or on alert mode about cookies. You can set your browser settings to warn you before accepting this tracking technology or to reject it. Instructions on this topic may be found in your browser's manual. Please be informed that disabling or turning off of these cookies may result in diminishing of services provided by our websites or some parts of our websites not functioning properly. For more and detailed information on cookies, please visit www.allaboutcookies.org or www.aboutcookies.org.

7. Social Media Add-Ons
Social place marks ( e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or Linkedin) make social media platform users add place marks or send these marks to their social media profiles by social media contacts to share Schön Aufzug websites' links. Schön Aufzug websites may contain social place marks distinguished by related share buttons. Unless you turn off or disable the option for cookie acceptance and saving on your browser's settings, opening one of our websites may result in social place marks setting cookies on your computer and if you sign up for a social media platform, this will enable that social media platform operators to track your website usage.
Using the "share" buttons on our websites, you will be directed to websites controlled by Addthis and Sharethis. When you use these services, we will have no control over your cookie settings adjusted by Addthis or Sharethis. You can cancel Addthis or Sharethis cookies.If you use social place marks, you will send that social media platform information regarding your identity recognition. The comments or operations of people using social place marks will not be controlled or approved by Schön Aufzug and Schön Aufzug can not be hold responsible or be liable for this reason. The people sharing Schön Aufzug's content by social place marks can neither speak on behalf of Schön Aufzug nor have the right to represent the company. Their ideas and opinion can be taken inti consideration as their personal ideas and opinion, absolutely not as Schön Aufzug's. On top of that, Schön Aufzug's terms and conditions and privacy policy terms on "links" will be applied to social place marks.

8. Web Anajlytics / Cancelling
Our website uses Google Analytics, a web analytics tool, for collecting information excluding personal identity information and improving our websites or for collecting anonymous statistics about our website users to have domestic marketing research and gathering this information. If you are not willing your visits to our websites tracked, you can cancel it by clicking to the link below:

9. Safety Precautions to protect your personal information
Schön Aufzug uses necessary safety precautions to prevent your personal information getting accessed unaouthorized or altered, being used accidentally or deliberately, or being lost or terminated.

10. Changes that may happen on our Privacy Policy
Without any prior notice and at our own will, we can change the privacy policy, contents and materials on the website at any time, make additions, removals or updates. We will post the updates on this webpage. The last line of this privacy policy will show the recent date of update.

11. To Contact Us
Please contact us on our e-mail "info@schonaufzug.de" for questions on our privacy policy or the logs on your personal information.


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